Green Schools

Green Schools
We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded our second Green Flag Award for our work on the water theme in the last two years.
Well done to all the committee for their hard work on the theme and raising awareness across the whole school.
We are holding a battery collection.
We are holding a water themed poster competition.

Update October 2022


Well done to all our committee members for their hard work on the Green Schools initiative.

 We have been working hard on raising awareness for water conservation in the school.

Our green schools committee came up with some great water saving tips:

  • All wash cycles in the washing machine and dishwasher are to use the eco cycle option.

  • Turn off the tap when washing your hands until you are ready to rinse the soap.

  • Use water displacers in the toilet cisterns to reduce the amount of water waste from flushing.

  • Bring in water from home in a reusable water bottle.

We held a sponsored “Walk for Water” in May to raise awareness for the theme and to raise money to buy some water hippos to act as water displacers and placed them in the cisterns.

We put up posters and signs in the classrooms and noticeboards to remind people to be aware of water waste in the classroom.

We conducted a leak check with our caretaker.

We also participated in the “save the bees” programme with Tidy Towns. We planted wildflower seeds in our sensory garden which bloomed beautifully over the summer.

Upcoming activities:

We are going to take part in a local litter pick in October 2022 and March 2023.

We are going do a school battery collection and drop off.

We are going to organise a water themed poster competition.

We are going to organise a senior school kahoot quiz on water.

We have our local council committee member Bernadette Moloney coming to visit on November the 21st to assess our work and complete a workshop with our students on all things green!
2021 to 2023
School of the Holy Spirit are starting work on the theme of water. We hope to reduce water consumption in the school and raise awareness about wasting water.
2019 to 2020
We are delighted to announce that we received our Green Schools Flag for litter and Waste in 2020. We greatly reduced our single plastic use in the school by installing water dispensers throughout the school for use by staff and students cutting down on the use of single use plastic bottles in school. We had guest speakers in to talk to our green schools committee about the importance of sustainable living and how everyone can make small changes at home to reduce their waste. Our committee completed regular bin checks to make sure waste was disposed of correctly and they educated their peers on how to recycle properly.
We are very enthusiastic about receiving our first Green Flag for Recycling in May 2012.
The students and staff worked tirelessly for the flag, and we intend to continue this good work, starting on the road to our second flag in September 2012.
St. Kieran’s College transition years have formed a strong link with our school, attending every Thursday and participating in sports and the green schools project.
Committee Members
Jack Coclough
James Barry
Cian Holden
Aine Aylward
Michael Doyle