Class 6

                                   Welcome to Class 6
We went to Jurassic Newpark on our school tour. We had a fantastic time.
Making Milkshakes.
We got to hold the little chicks that hatched this week.
Nore Valley Farm came to visit today. It was great fun!
Summer Art.
We were planting cress and learned about the needs of a plant.
We discussed  which conditions are best for plants to grow.
Easter Art
Easter Baking.
Spring Hunt in the Sensory Garden.
We love World Book Day in Class 6.
Fabric and Fibre
We learned about David and Goliath, we learned we can pray to gain courage and strength like David to overcome any obstacles in our path.
Up and Walking
We are learning about Claude Monet.
Happy New Year
Anti - Bullying Week
We enjoyed doing experiments during Science Week. 
We made Halloween decorations.
We love celebrating birthdays. 
We love working on the computer and making jigsaws.
We made paper houses.
We made smoothies.
We are learning about Roald Dahl.
Enjoying the sun in the Sensory Garden.