Class 4

                                   Welcome to Class 4
It's Summer!
We enjoyed walking to the shop to buy ice-creams. 
 We enjoyed playing basketball in the court for Active Week.
We went to Scanlon Park for our Sports Day. We had a brilliant time. We all got medals.
Nore Valley Farm came to visit today. It was great fun!
We loved making a seaside picture.
We are learning a poem called Sunflakes. We made our own sunflake art.
Easter Bunny Art
Popcorn Cherry Blossom Trees for Spring art.
'Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona daoibh'
      Happy St. Patricks Day
We had a visit from Mini the lamb today. Mini is 1 day old.
We made buns for Valentine's Day.
We made chocolate chip cookies. 
Fr. Dan came in to visit us for Catholics Schools Week.
We are learning about Kandinsky. We painted his Concentric Circles.
We had two new visitors to our class today, Dotty and Milo. 
The local Gardai came to visit our school today. We enjoyed asking the questions and testing out their equipment.
Happy New Year!
Happy Christmas from Class 4.
We made gingerbread train today.
Anti-Bullying Week
We are Reaching Out to people who can help us if we are being bullied. 
Odd Sock Day celebrated annually in November to mark the start of Anti-Bullying Week and encourage people to celebrate each other's differences
We enjoyed making and decorating cupcakes.
Its Science Week! 
We are doing lots of experiments in class.
Grace Walsh and Miriam Walsh brought the O'Duffy cup to school today.
Happy Halloween!
We had great fun doing Halloween art.
Look at our fantastic drawings.